After that, I helped give out awards for Make A Wish to volunteers who really helped them. The ceremony was at Double Click Internet company. We got to see all their computer controls. They even have trees growing in their office space. It was huge. It took up two floors. And I got to ride in a limo again.

My wish was great because I got to help other kids with FD, and to help people doing research understand why we need their help. AND, I have had so much fun. I really learned the power of a wish, so when I had my Bat Mitzvah two years later, I dedicated to raise money for FD research and raised over $10,000! That made me feel really good because I could do something on my own to really help myself and other kids with FD. Even though it's really hard to have FD, I feel much better being able to do things to help other people, and to help find a cure, and I had so much fun doing all those things!