So, my mom and I went on the Internet to Make A Wish and told them my wish and they got back to us the next day! In September, Rachel Pine, my volunteer Wish godmother came over and helped me and my friend Marina make a "pitch book" with Polaroids, telling about my life, and she sent it to Nick News. In February of 2000, NickNews called and said they wanted to do the story with me!!! I worked with a producer named James Dudley. He was really cool! He came to my school, to my house, and to the Dysautonomia Treatment Center at NYU for my check-up with my doctor, Dr. Axelrod. Make a Wish paid for me to ride in a limo to go to and from school when we did that!!! I loved it!!! I also got to meet Linda Ellerbee in person when I visited the studios where they make Nick News.