Sam's Surgery: A Polaroid Diary

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December 18, 2001, I had my back surgery for scoliosis at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City with Dr. Burke. I was really nervous about it because I never had this kind of surgery before. But, once the surgery was over, I got millions of presents! It didn't take too long to recover. I got to have all my friends and family visit me in the ICU. When I got out I was supposed to wear a back brace for six months, but I only had to wear it for three months because my back healed so nicely. I had to stay home from school for a long time. My teachers at Winston Prep faxed me my homework.

I thought it would be a lot harder because I have so many medical issues that they would need to do all the things for me that I needed. But it was really fast. My back feels great.

Some of the doctors and nurses in the IU were really funny. They had to keep on taking my temperature and blood pressure and check my oxygen. When I went back to school everyone cheered and they threw me a little surprise birthday party. My parents felt really bad for me so they finally let me have cable t.v. in my room.

Six weeks after the surgery I went back to school half days. I really missed a lot of school last year, but I did really well.

If you have to have surgery and want to talk with me about it, please write me.

A little over a year from my surgery, I am almost fourteen. I gained 20 pounds, I am five foot one, 94 pounds, and I am really really healthy. I can stand up straight.







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