Samantha's room

My star--I got it from Make a Wish at a donors' dinner. I heard about Make a Wish from people in New Hampshire who also have FD. FD stands for Familial Dysautonomia. My wish was to go on Nick News. Once my Mom and I turned on the t.v. and saw a special episode called "What are you staring at?" about Christopher Reeves, the actor, and John Hockenberry, a journalist. I was impressed that kids were on live television and told people about their disorders. I decided to make a wish to go on this program and talk about my life. I told them about my rare disorder called Familial Dysautonomia. I felt great about it after I did it. It was so much fun. I got to meet all kinds of cool people.


Samantha's lips phone--I saved up my money to get this phone because I really wanted one so I could talk to my cousins and friends. People could call me and I would not have to run to the living room. It would be beside my bed. Once I saw the lips in the store, I wanted it. I thought it was pretty and shiny and needed a home. I have a collection of phones.

My mom--My Mom is an anthropologist and she and my Dad teach at the exact same place. I can visit them whenever I like. One of my Mom's favorite foods is fajitas. Her Dad calls her Feygele. That means "little bird." She calls me Bunny Face. What she likes to do most is to hang out with me. We watch home movies and give ourselves manicures and pedicures. We go to a store or do reading.


Sam's dog Smokey--Smokey's my West Highland Terrier. I got her from my Grandpa when I ate a whole sandwich in one sitting. We call her Smokey because she looks like Smoke. She barks all the time. She's cute and she's fun. She never hurts anybody. She's energetic but she could get very annoying like when you try to sleep or read and she barks.

Barbara: Sam took this photo and Smokey never looked better!


This is me and my favorite boy band N'sync. They're really good singers and they're so cool. I have six favorite songs: Bye Bye Bye, It's Gonna Be Me, Just Got Paid, This I Promise You. A friend of mine from my old school gave me the tape. I listened to them and I liked them. I have one of their CD's and a tape of their last album. I'm entering their sweepstakes. If I win they will perform live at my school and they will give my school $2000 of musical equipment. I am sending a card in every day. The sweepstakes announcement is on the Oreo package. My cousins are eating the cookies.


Bag--I just got a new bag today from Anna. It's so pretty. It's pink and it's shiny. Pink is my all time favorite color. I am wearing a pink shirt and pink shorts in these pictures. Anna is from England and she brought me the bag from there.