Animagic Demonstration

copyright(c)2005 Architectronics, Inc.

AniMagic is a technology which allows users to participate in an animation by doodling a figure or objects into regions.  When the animation runs, the user's doodles also animate to take part in the animating scene.  AniMagic technology is extremely compact.  This demonstration is coded in Java.  There is a "player" which is used to animate the scenes in the links below.  There is also a design tool available which shares many characteristics with the Flash design environment.  The design tool allows developers to create the "movement" data for animating a scene, both the pre-designed elements which the designer creates, and the regions which determine how the user's doodle will animate.  Click the links below to show demonstrations of AniMagic.  The menu is also illustrated.  Each demonstration will have some regions marked in which you can draw.  Some include illustrations from published books as an example of how a book could be fitted with AniMagic technology.

Getting There a four-page book
Blue a demo using a TV character
Wipers on the Bus a book "retrofit"